Revolutionizing Bond Investing: TheFixedIncome and Moneycontrol Collaboration


In the past, gaining access to India’s debt market presented a formidable challenge for both retail investors and individuals, as it was primarily reserved for major financial institutions. The debt market seemed difficult to understand for many investors, as there was not much awareness about it. Retail investors could not participate due to hindrances such as complex procedures and limited availability of information. 

Moreover, understanding the various bond types, risk evaluations, and market dynamics, further discouraged individuals from venturing into the debt market. So, most people stayed away which created a significant gap.

To address this challenge, TheFixedIncome was established in 2019 to make bond investing easier and accessible for everyone across the country. Guided by its core values of Trust and Transparency, TheFixedIncome is driven by a passion for creating an investment platform that provides access to fixed income in a manner that is cost-effective, transparent, and user-friendly. 

The FixedIncome and Moneycontrol Collaboration

Transparency is the cornerstone of TheFixedIncome approach. It recognizes that well-informed decision-making is crucial for successful investment. Hence, it has collaborated with Moneycontrol to deliver extensive bond opportunities and valuable insights into the bond market.  This collaboration aims to raise user awareness and enable them to make informed investment decisions. 

What does this Collaboration hold?

Navigating the bond market can feel daunting, leaving one feeling lost at sea. Investors often felt overwhelmed by the complex processes or understanding the numerous bond terminologies, such as coupon, yield, price, and more.

With this collaboration, TheFixedIncome and Moneycontrol are making it easier for laymen to understand the bond market. There are plenty of user-friendly resources available that will help individuals grasp the fundamentals of bonds thereby equipping them with the knowledge needed to make well-informed investment decisions. 

How to navigate to TheFixedIncome’s Bond Page on Moneycontrol?

Available on both the Moneycontrol website and app, this innovative platform offers an array of data points covering various bonds available in India. The steps mentioned below will help you find TheFixedIncome’s bond page on the Moneycontrol website easily.

Step 1: Visit the Moneycontrol website.











Step 2: Navigate to the top menu and  click on “Markets”.








Step 3: Then hover downwards and click on “Bonds”.








You will then be able to access the dedicated page for bonds page presented by TheFixedIncome. From here, you can explore government bonds, corporate bonds, sovereign gold bonds, and many more. Choose the type that best suits your investment objectives and risk tolerance.









Through this dedicated bond page, investors seeking promising investment opportunities can gain valuable insights regarding price, yield, maturity, etc. about the latest offerings. 

Bonds Simplified- An Educational Series

Additionally, TheFixedIncome and Moneycontrol have co-branded and curated an educative series called “Bonds Simplified” to educate the commoners and create awareness about the bond market. This comprehensive series throws light on the intricacies of bonds, offering a thorough understanding of the bond market. It serves as a definitive guide, addressing all your queries about the functioning, purpose, and significance of bonds.  These resources will hugely benefit the users, thereby instilling confidence in them as they embark on their investment journey.

With all the information available at one’s fingertips, investors can now plunge into the investment journey seamlessly.

The core vision of TheFixedIncome is to make investing in bonds easy and transparent for everyone in India. The partnership with Moneycontrol is a significant step towards revolutionizing bond investing in the country, aiming to benefit the masses, thereby empowering investors through enhanced accessibility and transparency; ultimately changing the way India invests in bonds.

The Fixed Income aspires to be the most trusted and preferred partner for bond investments, emphasizing accessibility for investors. The collaboration with Moneycontrol is evidence that it is always striving to realize its vision.


Through a collaborative effort, Moneycontrol and TheFixedIncome aim to make bond investing more accessible to a broader audience by providing simplified resources. Users can benefit from expert insights and analysis, the latest market updates, and access to many educational resources. 

In a rapidly evolving financial environment, they’re working together to help novice and experienced investors better understand the bond market.

Disclaimer: Investments in debt securities/ municipal debt securities/securitized debt instruments are subject to risks including delay and/ or default in payment. Read all the offer-related documents carefully. 

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